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Weekly Bulletin – January 13 2019

WADARC meets at – TS Vanguard, 9a Broadwater Road, Worthing. BN14 8AD.


Last Wednesday’s meeting was used to setup the K3/P3/Tokyo Linear/KAT500 combination and test the newly repaired Tokyo, in readiness for the forthcoming special event station. All members present were given an opportunity to learn and memorise the correct sequence for connecting the components together and how to tune the antenna correctly. In case anyone’s forgotten, the ONLY sequence is RIG (K3/P3) – LINEAR AMPLIFIER – HIGH POWER TUNER (KAT500) – ANTENNA. The antenna must be tuned by pressing and holding the TUNE button on the K3, with the Linear switched to the STANDBY position (TUNE power is 20W). After the antenna has been correctly tuned AND the Linear switched to the correct band AND a check made to ensure that the KAT500 is switched to the correct antenna socket (that’s the one with the ANTENNA plugged into it) ONLY THEN should the Tokyo Linear be switched to OPERATE! Depending on the band in use, 35W-40W drive will produce 400W from the linear.

Norman, 2E0RKO brought in the SK items he’d acquired. Roger, G7VBR has donated £100 to go to the charity of choice, to pay for the rigs etc., There was some discussion on the use of the Yaesu FT101 and ancillaries, which could be used in the new shack alongside the K3 and IC7300, or they can be loaned out to members.

Phil, G4UDU and Bryan, G0SIU were also busy doing something ‘digital’. The last part of the evening was spent removing any WADARC property and ensuring we left the hall tidy, before exiting for the last time, just after 10.00pm.


As most members will be aware, we have now vacated the Lancing QTH for good and we are moving both day and venue as from this coming Tuesday (15th). The entrance to TS Vanguard is on the West side of Broadwater Road and because it’s on a dual-carriageway, you’ll need to approach it from the South. If you drive down Broadwater Road from the North end, continue all the way to the Teville Gate roundabout, using the roundabout to make a U Turn.

Members are asked to NOT arrive BEFORE 7.45pm. You should drive in forwards as reversing from the dual-carriageway will be very difficult in the half-dark with double-decker buses using the road.

Drive to the top of the drive, turn your vehicle round then park on the North side of the drive. When leaving, don’t ever attempt to reverse out onto the dual-carriageway – it’s even more dangerous than reversing in.

Up until 8.00pm please leave the turning area (nearest to the building) and two parking spaces empty, so that any disabled member has somewhere to park.

If the car park gets full, there should be parking spaces on adjoining streets and across the road outside the shops, although you may have to wait for a few minutes until a space becomes free.

PLEASE NOTE: Our tenancy is between 8.00pm and 10.00pm on Tuesdays only. Doors will not be open to members before 8.00pm. We have a dispensation to allow one of us to enter at 7.45pm to turn the heating on.

Other hours/events/training etc., will be by prior arrangement with the owners.

Please DO NOT ‘kick off’ because we can’t use the Radio Room (Shack) 24/7. It’s very early days yet and nothing’s written in stone.


  • First meeting and familiarisation at NEW QTHTUESDAY 15th January – 8.00pm-10.00pm – TS Vanguard (Sea Cadets HQ) 9a Broadwater Road, Worthing
  • Special Event Station – WADARC 70th Anniversary – Saturday19th/Sunday 20th – Sussex University
  • Discussion meeting to make plans for our new shack – Tuesday 22nd January – 8.00pm-10.00pm – TS Vanguard
  • Club Evening – On the Air with GX1WOR – An attempt to use existing antennas – Tuesday 29th January – 8.00pm-10.00pm – TS Vanguard
  • Sunday Breakfast – Sunday 3rd February – 9.00am-10.00am – Morrisons, Worthing
  • Talk on Front Panel Design – Making cases and panels – Tuesday 5th February – 8.00pm-10.00pm – TS Vanguard

For further information as it occurs, please visit the WADARC website:


Monday – 2 metres 145.425 MHz, FM, 7.30pm (local)

Thursday – 40 metres 7.106 MHz +/-QRM, SSB, 11.00am (local)

Saturday – 70 cms on GB3WO, 7.00pm (local)

Sunday – 80 metres 3.712 MHz +/- QRM, SSB, 7.30am-8.00am (local)


Local, national and some international rallies can be found by visiting this excellent website:


Winter 2018/19 edition published


HF and VHF:

RSGB propagation info can be found by following this link:



GB3WSX – IO80QW – 70.007 MHz

GB3BAA – IO91PS – 70.016 MHz

F1ZXK – JN18KF – 144.438 MHz

F5ZSF – IN88GS – 144.409 MHz

GB3VHF – JO01EH – 144.430 MHz

ON0VHF – JO20HP – 144.418 MHz


F5XBA – JN18KF – 432.830 MHz

GB3UHF – JO01EH – 432.430 MHz

ON0UHF – JO20ET – 432.567 MHz



WADARC members (and others) can subscribe to the DX News service without joining ARRL.

Send an email to this address:

In the subject line put the word Subscribe followed by your email address

ARRL will send an acknowledgement and you will receive the weekly DX News as an email, usually on a Friday


The RSGB VHF/UHF Contest and Activity calendar is available via this link:


It’s just possible that I may not be able to attend the first meeting at TS Vanguard, as I have a God-awful cough and cold which started last night. Believe me, YOU do NOT want this cold!

Captain Paul Minter (Chairman of the owners’ group) is aiming to be at the venue for the first meeting and will no doubt make us welcome. He’s a very amenable person and will do his best to accommodate our needs, but please don’t ask for things that haven’t yet been discussed, or make suggestions for disposal of old equipment that’s in the Radio Room. To quote Gino DiCampo “Piano, Piano” is the strategy for now.


Alan. G4GNX