Amateur radio in West Sussex - Training, Exams, Contests and Special Event Stations


The Club Committee was elected by the membership at the last Annual General Meeting, which took place on Wednesday 5th October 2016

President Chris Smith G3UFS

The Club Officers are:

  • Chairman Andrew Cheeseman G1VUP
  • Vice-chairman Alan Baker G4GNX
  • Secretary Alastair Weller M0OAL
  • Treasurer Sally Holland SWL

The Committee Members are:

  • Ian MacDonald M0IAD
  • Norman Jacobs 2E0RKO
  • Chris Suddell M0VUE
  • Andy Braeman M6RFE

The following Committee and Members have volunteered to accept the listed responsibilities:

  • Membership Manager Ian MacDonald M0IAD
  • Ragchew Editor Roger Hall G4TNT
  • Website Andrew Cheeseman G1VUP / Alastair Weller M0OAL
  • Contest Manager Graham Bubloz G4FNL
  • Special Events Stations Peter Head G4LKW
  • Online Content Coordinator Alan Baker G4GNX
  • Outside Events Coordinator, Facilities and Bookings Norman Jacobs 2E0RKO
  • Training Coordinator Alastair Weller M0OAL / Andrew Cheeseman G1VUP
  • Press and Publicity Coordinator Chris Suddell M0VUE / Les Sampson G3JSU
  • Quartermaster Andy Braeman M6RFE
  • Club Calendar Coordinator Chris Suddell M0VUE
  • Weekly News Email Alan Baker G4GNX, Phil Godbold G4UDU, Chris Suddell M0VUE, Dorain Woolger 2E0FSI

The Committee invites a member to stand as Club President for the duration of that Committee. The post is currently held by Chris Smith G3UFS.