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Club Name

The Club shall be known as the Worthing and District Amateur Radio Club.

Objects of the club

The object of the club shall be to provide a forum for discussion and practice in the art and science of Radio Communication and allied subjects.

Management and Membership

The club shall be governed by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and shall consist of four officers and three or more ordinary members. The officers of the club shall be Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Ordinary members shall be elected to posts with specific responsibilities, the detail of which shall be determined by the committee prior to the AGM.

Any member over the age of 18 may stand for the committee as long as their subscription for the forthcoming year has been paid by the AGM.

The Committee quorum shall be two trustees and two ordinary members. In the event of a vote being necessary and such vote being tied, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Trustees of the club shall be: Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer

Changes to the club rules can only be made at an AGM, or an EGM called for that purpose, and at which at least 35% of the club membership attends. A two-thirds majority vote of members present in favour of any change must be obtained for it to be incorporated.

Proxy votes shall be accepted from fully paid up members, provided that they are notified to the Chairman, prior to the commencement of the meeting. Proxy votes must be administered by another fully paid up member present at the meeting.

An EGM may be called by the Committee, or by not less than 10% of the club membership. Twenty-eight days notice of the EGM must be given to the membership.

The Committee may invite a person to stand as President for the duration of that Committee.

Membership shall be open to all persons at the discretion of the Committee. The Committee may call for the resignation of any member, providing that the member or members concerned have opportunity to be heard by the Committee, and shall have the right of appeal to an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) called within 28 days.

Any member or the Committee may nominate any other member to become a life member, the nomination must include reasons for the nomination. The awarding of life membership will be decided by the Committee.

All members over the age of 80 years shall be entitled to full life membership, without prior nomination.


The AGM shall be held in October. Ordinary meetings shall be organised regularly by the Committee. An attendance book shall be kept of all meetings. 28 days written notice of the AGM must be given to the membership.

Only fully paid-up members attending the AGM or EGM shall be entitled to:

  • Vote.
  • Make or Second any Proposal.
  • Make any Public Comment, unless specifically invited by the Chairman.


The subscription rates for all classes of membership shall be determined from time to time by a vote of members attending an AGM or EGM, any changes will take effect immediately for new subscriptions, unless delayed to the next membership year by the same motion. Life members of the club shall not be required to pay an annual subscription.

Young members will not be required to pay an annual subscription until the financial year after their eighteenth birthday.

New members joining after the March 1st in any year are required to pay the pro rata amount for the second half year, e.g. a member joining in June would pay three twelfths of the annual subscription.

The Committee shall decide from time to time the amounts and rates for weekly subscriptions.

Any member who has not paid their annual subscription by 31st October in any year without making representation to the committee will be deemed to no longer be a member of the club.


The financial year shall be from 1st September until 31st August following. Two auditors, who shall be elected from members other than trustees, shall audit all accounts and balance sheets before the AGM. The Honorary Treasurer shall keep proper books of accounts for this purpose.

The Committee shall keep in force at all times an appropriate policy of third party, member to member and club property insurance. Under no circumstances may club equipment be used for individual events unless approved by the Committee.

Club Property

All property of the club shall be vested in the Trustees. The property shall be subject to the direction of the Committee as to its use or major changes of equipment.

Use of Club Callsigns

Club callsigns shall be used for club events. The Club callsigns are G3WOR and G1WOR and are only to be used with the agreement of the Committee and the licence holder. The terms of the licence must be observed at all times, with particular attention to the maintenance of the log. Club members participating in club events shall at all times act in a responsible manner with due regard to safety. The data contained in the Club’s Member’s Callbook is for member’s information and personal use only.

Where the club rules are silent on any matter, the Committee shall have the power to act.

These rules are amended as per meeting minutes and dated October 29th 2019.