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Mailing List

We run two mailing lists, now hosted with The first is an announcement only list which is used for membership wide broadcast information and other updates, the second is a separate discussion style list that all members are able to post and reply to.

Subscribing to the WADARC Mailing List

Go to the signup page on our site, you will be prompted to create an account with if you don’t already have one. Once you’ve applied to join the group we may contact you if we can’t validate your chosen email address against our membership records.

Once your subscription to the main annoucements list has been approved you will be able to add the discussion list, if you have any problems with this you can contact the group owner from the site.

Changing your Membership Information

If you wish to amend your subscription settings (e.g. set a digest or abridged email option) or access the group through the web interface you will need to login to before choosing Subscription from the menu on the left.
The “Membership” option lets you set the frequency you receive emails and “Group Profile” lets you update information that shows to other members via the website and in emails you send. Please set your Display name to be your callsign and the name you like to be known as; you may also wish to provide your location as a Maidenhead Gridsquare. These settings are made on a per list basis.
We do recommen that you accept emails from the Announce list, at least on a daily basis, as this is used for last minute programme changes as well as weekly updates and messages from the committee.

Posting to the WADARC List

Once you’ve subscribed, it is very easy to post to the WADARC list: just use your regular email client to send an email to or post via the web interface. All replies will go back to the group and attachments are permitted (usual email practice applies, have a good quality anti-virus program, regularly scan your machine and don’t open attachments from unknown sources).