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Mailing List

We now run two mailing lists with Google Groups. The first is an announcement only list which is used for membership wide broadcast information and other updates, the second is a separate discussion style list that all members are able to post and reply to.

Subscribing to the WADARC Mailing List

Go to the Announce and Discuss web pages and choose Subscribe to this list. Provide your call sign so we can validate against our membership records.

Changing your Membership Information

If you wish to amend your subscription settings (e.g. set a digest or abridged email option) or access the group through the web interface you will need a Google account, you can still keep your existing email address or add club specific email address to an existing account.
If you already have an account and you want to add a new address go to
If you don’t already have an account go to
You can then change your group settings at

Posting to the WADARC List

Once you’ve subscribed, it is very easy to post to the WADARC list: just send an email to, the object of the List, as mentioned above, is to provide a medium for discussion between members. All replies will go back to the group and attachments are permitted (whilst they are scanned by Google before being distributed usual email practice applies, have a good quality anti-virus program, regularly scan your machine and don’t open attachments from unknown sources)