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Weekly Bulletin – August 8 2018

WADARC meets atΒ  – Lions Hall, 21 Roberts Road, Lancing. BN15 8AR.


Last Wednesday meeting was quite well attended. I brought in a lightening detector I had made from a few op-amps and Phil brought in a tube of 50 or so op-amps asking for ideas for things to do with them!
so if anyone wants a fun circuit to build to detect lightening within a ca. 50-100 mile range, drop me a line and I can send you the circuit … and Phil will be happy to supply the chips πŸ™‚ (he has lots more!)

10m has been good this last month for sporadic-E. I worked an F5 station running 150 W into a 10 element Yagi on 10m – Have not even got this on 2m (yet .. although I am working on it) !!

Note: Some of the 2m beacons have been ‘up’ recently: for example F5ZSF (IN88) was S9 one night (usually its audible but does not give an S-meter reading),
so its worth checking out 144MHz SSB (or CW of course) for tropo in the evenings / mornings (temperature inversions etc.).

Good DX, keep listening
Jonathan, G1EXG


  • Sunday Breakfast – Sunday 5th August – 9.00am-10.00am – Goring Cafe
  • Outside on the Air – Wednesday 8th August – 7.30pm-10.00pm – Chantry Lane Car Park
  • Lecture – RFI – Wednesday 15th August – 8.00pm-10.00pm – Lions HallΒ  – Note: Change of event.
  • Lighthouses on the Air – Saturday 18th/Sunday 19th August – All day both days – Shoreham Lighthouse
  • Practical Evening – Wednesday 22nd August – 8.00pm-10.00pm – Lions Hall
  • Outside Event (to be announced) – Wednesday 29th August – 7.30pm-10.00pm

For further information as it occurs, please visit the WADARC website:


Monday – 2 metres 145.425 MHz, FM, 7.30pm (local)

Thursday – 40 metres 7.106 MHz +/-QRM, SSB, 11.00am (local)

Saturday – 70 cms on GB3WO, 7.00pm (local)

Sunday – 80 metres 3.712 MHz +/- QRM, SSB, 7.30am-8.00am (local)


Local, national and some international rallies can be found by visiting this excellent website:


Spring 2018 edition published –


HF and VHF:

RSGB propagation info can be found by following this link:

VHF/UHF Beacons often heard in our area:


  • GB3WSX – IO80QW – 70.007 MHz
  • GB3BAA – IO91PS – 70.016 MHz
  • F1ZXK – JN18KF – 144.438 MHz
  • F5ZSF – IN88GS – 144.409 MHz
  • GB3VHF – JO01EH – 144.430 MHz
  • ON0VHF – JO20HP – 144.418 MHz


  • F5XBA – JN18KF – 432.830 MHz
  • GB3UHF – JO01EH – 432.430 MHz
  • ON0UHF – JO20ET – 432.567 MHz



Β  WADARC members (and others) can subscribe to the DX News service without joining ARRL. Β  Send an email to this address: Β  In the subject line put the word Subscribe followed by your email address Β  ARRL will send an acknowledgement and you will receive the weekly DX News as an email, usually on a Friday


The RSGB VHF/UHF Contest and Activity calendar is available via this link: