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Fox Hunt, 2m

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Date(s) - Wed 30th
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Lancing Parish Hall


Here are the details for the fox hunt. Please note that Lancing Parish Hall and the hall will be open.
I will be acting as the hidden station call sign G3WOR/P and intend to be on 145.425, in the event of that frequency being in use they will identify a free channel and advise on 145.500 and GB3WO. If you’re not participating in the hunt we’ll be meeting at the Parish hall during and after the hunt – you may wish to take a handheld if you want to listen in. 
This hunt is the second of three of a championship for the G8FMJ Fox Hunt cup. The winning individual(s) will receive 2 points, if the fox is not found before 21:30 the fox(es) receive 1 point. At the end of the year the most points wins with the fastest time being taken into account in the event of tie. Don’t expect to see the cup if you win it though as I am still waiting for last years :P.
If you haven’t taken part in a fox hunt before and would like to, please post on the discussion list as there are most likely seats available in other vehicles. You may want to find or print a map to draw bearings on.


North: North End, Findon; South: The sea; East: Shoreham; West: Ferring
There is no specified start location.​

3-5W (might be higher initially if people can’t hear me and advise as such though the repeater but will drop down again)

Standard mobile whip. No beams or trickery.

Transmission schedule 
19:30 for 2 min – note earlier than usual start time 
19:45 for 2 min 
20:00 for 2 min 
20:15 for 2 min 
20:30 for 2 min 
20:40 for 1 min with clues of area 
20:50 for 1 min 
21:00 for 1 min with more clues 
21:10 for 1 min 
21:20 for 1 min with even more specific clues 
21:30 last transmission and details of location 

Operating Restrictions for Fox*
Location to be accessible via a normal road vehicle (though approaching on foot is permitted) and on public land, or private land that is open for free public access (such as car parks)
Operator to be visible to hunters (hiding in plain sight permitted)